In Times of Emergency, Remember.... Who you gonna' Call? 911


The Cumberland County Enhanced 911 System is centralized in a new modern facility located behind the Cumberland County Hospital in Burkesville, Kentucky at 299 Glasgow Rd.  This facility, called the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) includes the following:

  • E-911 dispatch center
  • E-911 mapping coordinator's Office
  • Emergency Management Director's Office
  • Emergency Medical Services Quarters
  • EMS Director's Office
  • IT Facilities (networked PCs & printers)
  • EOC Conference Room (3 large displays)
  • Ambulance bay
Emergency Operations Center

This facility is the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) call center for all Cumberland County Kentucky 911 calls, Cumberland County sheriff calls, Burkesville Kentucky police calls, and city and county fire calls.  The EOC is a self-contained facility that can operate independently of local utilities using satellite telephone, a satellite internet connection, and diesel generator power.  The facility is manned 24 hours per day, 7-days per week by both E-911 dispatch and Emergency Medical Services.

Who would you call in an emergency? The answer is 911. You don't need to know the number for police, sheriff, fire department, nor the hospital in an emergency. For an emergency, just dial 911. For non-emergency calls, dial specific department numbers instead. Non-emergency calls include requests for information and requests to talk to emergency personnel. An emergency can be any type of incident where injury to people or property may occur. Examples of an emergency can be accidents with injuries, fires of any kind, medical emergencies, and any crime that is in progress.

Some folks are afraid to call 911.  They are unsure whether a medical condition or complaint rises to the level of an emergency. Calling a physician for advice is a good place to start, but physicians aren't always readily available and many will end up telling patients to call 911 anyway. There are specific conditions that should not wait for a call back from the family doctor before calling 911. These medical conditions are time sensitive -- waiting too long could have serious consequences, even death.

Did you know that when someone calls the hospital, or any of the other agencies listed above in an emergency situation, emergency response is actually delayed? The dispatcher has less information about the emergency when the calls don't come directly to 911. The Cumberland County enhanced 911 system receives location information (street address for a land line phone or geo-location for a cell phone), the caller's phone number, and the name of the phone customer during the call....automatically, without anyone having to say a word. When 911 is not used, this information is missing. A usually frantic caller must be understandable and convey all the information to dispatch during a time of heightened stress. By calling 911 directly, you should receive emergency assistance even if you cannot say a word.  That is an ambulance and law enforcement are dispatched directly to the calling location.

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